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Sectional garage doors

We set standards

Sectional garage door systems

Anything that is outside in all winds and weathers and has to work perfectly day after day needs an especially robust design. That’s why all Novoferm steel sectional garage doors are double-skinned insulated and named after their insulation thickness: from the economical sectional garage door type iso 20 right up to the exclusive garage door type iso 45 with the largest selection of additional features. The individual door sections are made of hot-dip galvanized thin sheet metal coated with hard-wearing polyester-based paint. Angular frames, guides and all garage door hardware are also galvanized to make them lastingly durable and give you years of enjoyment – with 10 year warranty!


All Novoferm garage doors and operators are manufactured according to the strict quality management system DIN ISO 9001.

  • All Novoferm sectional garage door systems meet the high safety requirements for the European garage doors product standard EN 13241-1.
  • All Novoferm garage doors and operators are tested by recognized institutes both individually and in combination.
  • What does “TÜV-tested burglar resistance” mean in terms of your safety? The German industry association for garage doors, doors and frames (Industrieverband Tore Türen Zargen (ttz)) has drawn up a guideline that defines burglar resistance based on the existing standards. Tests are performed, and the results certified, by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH. Which means: certified garage doors made by Novoferm guarantee the highest levels of safety that have been tested by an impartial organization.

We set standards

The 10 year warranty on all steel sectional garage doors, the 5 year warranty on our foil-covered garage doors (Dark oak, Mahogany, Golden oak) and our structural surfaces (Satin white, Satin grey, Satin Dark grey and Satin brown) as well as the 5 year warranty on the mechanical components of the NovoPort® system ensure that you will have many years of pleasure and satisfaction with your new garage door.

For every opening

in a classic square-shaped garage ...

A Novoferm sectional garage door will always fit: In a classic squareshaped garage ...


behind an opening with slanted corners ...

... behind an opening with slanted corners ...


unobtrusively erected segment arches ...

unobtrusively erected segment arches ...

or elegantly integrated arches

... or elegantly integrated arches.


More space in front of the garage

More space in front of the garage
Unlike an up-and-over door, a sectional door opens vertically upwards and doesn’t swing out, which means you can optimally use every inch of space in front of the garage – to park a second car, for example. And garages located near roads or pavements do not put pedestrians at risk and the traffic keeps flowing.

For every vehicle

For every vehicle
The full passage height can always be used in a sectional garage door with electrical operator. When replacing an up + over door with a sectional garage door, the passage width becomes even larger, because the sectional garage door is typically mounted behind the opening. There is also more room inside the garage – making it ideal for high vehicles like jeeps or vans – due to the fact that the door sections open vertically while conveniently rolling upwards and then underneath the ceiling in order to save space.


We set standards


We set standards

  1. Double-skinned and insulated Our steel sections are exclusively manufactured in a double-skinned sandwich construction and filled with an insulating rigid PUR foam core. This ensures improved soundproofing and heat insulation, and quieter door operation compared with single-skinned garage doors. The flexible lip seals between the sections fit softly even at low temperatures. They prevent any heat losses and keep the dust out.
  2. Frost-proof floor seal A rubber profile on the bottom edge of the garage door guarantees optimum protection from water and dirt, evens out slight floor unevenness and prevents damage and injuries. The floor seal is made of high-quality EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which is known for its high elasticity, weather resistance and durability.
  3. Lip seals on the frame Extra wide lip seals on the side frame provide even better heat insulation and protection against dirt.
  4. Adaptable frame base Novoferm sectional garage doors are fitted with a weatherproof frame base made of hot-dip galvanized steel. So water and accumulated moisture can drain off freely and the frame will not start to rust, even after long periods. The stepped design is ideal for renovation projects that involve the installation of a sectional garage door to replace an up-and-over door with floor track.
  5. The Novoferm quality seal Since quality is definitely not something to be hidden, all Novoferm sectional garage doors bear the Novoferm seal of quality, which guarantees the use of the best materials and a top-class finish!
  6. Thermo frame set The new optional sealing and insulating strip system further improves the already excellent performance of the double-skinned Novoferm E® sectional garage doors. The 3-sided thermal optimization of the frame offers up to 15%* better* heat insulation when mounted behind the opening. A plug and clip profile ensures quick and easy installation; the frame can be used on all Novoferm E® sectional doors. The Thermo frame set actively supports the optimization of building performance.

* Depending on the door motif and size

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