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Quick-acting rolling shutters

NovoSpeed Solutions

NovoSpeed Solutions - Fast logistic solutions


Why choose a Novoferm rapid roll door? - Different situations demand different solutions
Working efficiently means working economically. Novoferm rapid roll doors help you improve your logistic performance. Novoferm offers a customized solution for almost every situation.
Our in-house research and development departments respond alertly to changes in the requirements that rapid roll doors have to satisfy.

Different situations

Industrial buildings already have to comply with increasingly stringent energy saving requirements and this trend is forecast to continue. Research performed by the Technical Unversity of Munich has shown that rapid roll doors have a significant effect on the amount of energy consumed in industrial buildings. The study shows that the interior temperature of a building or room plummets when the door is left open (depending on the temperature differential and type of building). Consequently, the shorter the period of time that a door remains open, the lower the drop in interior temperature. Draughts are also significantly reduced, which helps maintain a more comfortable environment in the building and reduces sickness absenteeism.

Interior doors

NovoSpeed Retail


NovoSpeed Flex 2.0

Flex 2.0 | HARD EDGE

NovoSpeed Flex 2.0

Flex 2.0 | FLEX EDGE


NovoSpeed Basic


NovoSpeed Basic | Food

Basic | Food

NovoSpeed Economic



NovoSpeed Economic | Food

Economic | Food

NovoSpeed Polara


NovoSpeed Heavy | Indoor

Heavy | Indoor


Strip curtains

Strip curtains

Swing doors

Swing doors


Exterior doors

NovoSpeed Alu | S

Alu | S

NovoSpeed Alu | R

Alu | R

NovoSpeed Heavy



NovoSpeed Thermo


NovoSpeed Specials



Working efficiently means working economicaly
When a door is used infrequently, insulation is of great importance. However, when a door is used frequently, the speed at which it opens and closes, and the height to which it opens, are much more significant. The latest generation of Novoferm control units features an adjustable half-height stop setting as standard. In combination with the "Auto-close" function, this feature allows you to achieve considerable energy savings.

Regardless of the type of door, the energy loss through an open door will always far exceed the degree of energy loss due to heat transfer and air leakage through a closed door. Research at the Technical University of Munich has shown that installing fast-action (roller) doors and avoiding long periods spent in the open position can reduce the additional energy requirements by as much as 30%! Interlocking two doors to create an air lock results in even greater savings and can improve the interior climate by up to 90%.

All of the rolling shutters presented here comply with the requirements of DIN EN 13241-1.

Safe doors
All automatic doors must comply with European Directive EN 13241-1. Novoferm develops and produces its new products strictly in line with these standards. As a result, you are guaranteed safe operation during daily use, assembly and maintenance.

Efficient use of energy, also during produktion
Novoferm signed the group’s ‘Green Solutions’ Charter In 2009. This consists of a package of concrete measures designed to reduce CO2-emissions during production, delivery, assembly and maintenance of industrial doors.

recyclable materials

100 % recyclable materials

This is a goal that we consistently pursue. As a result, we select our raw materials and resources with great care, adding our own sustainable in-house development procedures into the equation. For instance, our control units are completely lead-free and comply with RoHS requirements. So we have already assumed a leading role in this area.

Single-source manufacturer and supplier
Novoferm not only supplies draught excluding products, we also offer a full range of industrial doors, multifunctional pass-doors, fire doors and dock equipment. There is a high-quality Novoferm product for every opening in a modern industrial building. Doing business with a single partner has the following advantages:

  • Single point of contact for all products, installation, maintenance and after sales
  • Products are designed for optimum compatibility with each other
  • Products are automatically delivered in the correct sequence
  • Installers / fitters who are familiar with all of the products

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