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Multi-purpose doors

Multi-purpose steel doors

Multi-purpose steel doors – diversity for warehouse and office
Novoferm has designed its steel doors to meet a multitude of requirements. Sturdy and solid, they are perfectly able to cope with the harsh everyday life of a door, e.g. in the workshop or warehouse. Our multi-purpose doors are, however, also fitted with a rebate cover – similar to front doors – which makes them equally suitable for use in public areas, such as office or administrative environments. The diverse choice of glazing and a wide range of special models offer interesting options for adapting the doors to your individual needs. By the way: many of the standard sizes can be supplied at short notice.

Multi-purpose steel doors

Choice of features
Not just the shape and size of the glazing, but also the type of glass used in Novoferm multi-purpose doors can be matched to the widest range of different applications. Combinations with transom window, smoke protection and soundproofing are equally possible.
Special requests?
Talk to us Our multi-purpose doors can be individually modified, depending on the structural requirements. One example of a more unusual solution is the use as an inspection opening with special activation.

Description of multi-purpose doors
Door/Leaf: :
double-walled, made of galvanized sheet steel, filled with mineral wool for thermal insulation
Type MZ 53:
rebate on three sides, the thick rebate, similar to front doors, is a special quality feature
Type MZ-1:
rebate on two sides, thin rebate
Standard: floor level (A); sills with four-sided continuous frame (B1, B2, B3), with lower rebate (C) and sealing sills with lowerable floor seal (RS1) or hump sills (RS2) optionally available
Special features:

  • Door closer
  • Panic lock
  • Butt wall connection
  • Ventilation grating
    (plastic, incorporated into the leaf)
  • Top panel/transom window
  • Ventilation louvres /
    Special doors

MZ 53 single leaf multi-purpose doors

 CS 750 x 2000           CP 670 x 1959
 CS 750 x 2125           LD 670 x 1959
 CS 875 x 1875    CP 795 x 1834
 CS 875 x 2000    CP 795 x 1959
 CS 875 x 2125    CP 795 x 2084
 CS 1000 x 2000    CP 920 x 1959
 CS 1000 x 2125    CP 920 x 2084
 CS 1125 x 2000    CP 1045 x 1959
 CS 1125 x 2125    CP 1045 x 2084
 CS 1250 x 2000    CP 1170 x 1959
 CS 1250 x 2125    CP 1170 x 2084
 CS 1250 x 2250    CP 1170 x 2209

MZ 53 double leaf multi-purpose doors
   CS 670 x 2084
 CP 1420 x 1959
   CS 1500 x 2000*
 CP 1420 x 1959
   CS 1500 x 2125*

 CP 1420 x 2084
   CS 1750 x 2000*

 CP 1670 x 1959
   CS 1750 x 2125*

 CP 1670 x 2084
   CS 2000 x 2000

CP 1920 x 1959
   CS 2000 x 2125

 CP 1920 x 2084
   CS 2000 x 2500

 CP 1920 x 2459
   CS 2125 x 2125

 CP 2045 x 2084
   CS 2250 x 2250

 CP 2170 x 2209
   CS 2500 x 2500

 CP 2420 x 2459
* up to CS width 1750 leaf division approx. 1/3 : 2/3, larger CSs symmetrical 1/2 : 1/2
All dimensions indicated in mm, CS = Coordinating size, OFD = Outer frame dimensions, CP = Clear passage dimensions
Full leaf MZ 53
can be supplied immediately (longer lead time if glazing is required)
Sheet thickness 1 mm
Active leaf DIN left or DIN right
CS = Coordinating size (order size)
CP= Clear passage dimensions, whole door and/or both leaves

Documented heat insulation

Documented heat insulation

Smokeproof acc. to DIN 18095

Smokeproof acc. to DIN 18095

Soundproof in accordance with DIN EN ISO 140-3

Soundproof in accordance with DIN EN ISO 140-3

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