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Highlights Bau 2015

Welcome to Novoferm - one of the leading manufacturers of hinged doors, garage doors, frames and operators worldwide. Here we will provide an overview of the diverse range of products Novoferm offers and introduce you to the highlights we will be presenting at the BAU 2015 trade fair.

Garage doors, operators

New door generation
NovoPorta Premio

Side entrance doors
NovoPorta ISO Plus

UL 90 -
Fire Rates Door


Yuraku sliding door unit

NovoPorta Premio S-D-1 FB 4/ RC 3

6 pieces frames


Visibility windows

EI 30 glazings

Stainless steel tubular frame doors


Hinged doors, frames

Novoferm K Typ 90 Air

New sectional
garage door surfaces

New operator
garage door control


Novoferm app garage
door control




T30/ T90 (EI30/ EI90)
Fire and smoke proofed
sliding doors EI

NovoLux XL with
Smoke glazing

NovoSpeed Thermo


NovoSpeed Retail stainless steel design

Novoferm iControl

NovoDock L 730i ISO


Novoferm - active on all on-line media for you!
Social media for more dialogue and movement

Gain a quick overview of our products – animated and in colour. And then share your opinion with others. Novoferm goes YouTube. The videos shown on our channel provide a vivid demonstration of the features and benefits of our products. The animated presentations and practical tips provide you with a convincing illustration of the Novoferm product range.

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Online catalogues

Blätterkatalog animiert


Novoferm Video Channel


Advice & Contact

Advice & Contact

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