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Garage doors

Welcome to Novoferm

Welcome home -

Is there anything nicer than coming home? When driving in already feels like a welcoming experience! Like with Novoferm sectional garage doors. In the evening after a long working day, in the autumn when it’s really windy or in the winter when just the thought of getting out makes you shiver all over, then your Novoferm sectional garage door opens at the push of a button and automatically welcomes you home.

And it’s with this positive feeling that your Novoferm stockist welcomes you, too. After all, he’s got just the right solution for your garage. No matter whether it’s for a new building or renovation of your existing garage, automatic sectional garage door systems from Novoferm are always your best choice.

So, here‘s a small Novoferm taster for you in this brochure! If you need more information, your Novoferm stockist will be happy to assist you.

Sectional doors made of steel

Sectional garage doors

Up + over garage doors

Up + over doors

Garage side doors

Garage side doors


New operator generation

Garage door operators

additional accessories


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