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Garage door operators

Operators for garages and sliding doors: Safe – Convenient – Reliable

Tested quality guarantees convenience and security for many years
Anyone who has a garage or a sliding door not only wants it to look good, but also for the garage door to open more easily. No problem at all with an operator from Novoferm. At the push of a button, you can raise the level of comfort of your garage or sliding door and shut out any inconvenience. You’ll never have to get out in the rain or cold and open and close the garage door by hand!
In addition to this superb convenience, you have the comfort of tested security. All of the systems and components are perfectly matched to one another and certified by independent institutes in accordance with the latest safety standards.



novomatic 423

Novomatic 423


Novomatic 553 S - Garage door operators



Novomatic 803 S


NovoGate® sliding door operator



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