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Functional doors made by Novoferm

Boring grey is a thing of the past ...
Functional doors made by Novoferm unite sophisticated design and functionality

The new safety doors with WK3 and WK2 registration

Rees, November 2010. Nothing is as hard to change as a preconception. One such: Safety or multi-functional doors made of sheet steel are varnished in boring grey, require enormous effort to open, and are generally exceedingly unattractive.
The wide range of NovoSecur safety doors made by Novoferm proves, however, that these multi-functional doors, which offer burglary protection for example, or protect against smoke, fire and noise, can look quite different.

Keyword design:
Particularly slim – some versions are just 40 mm thick – and therefore extremely elegant, the doors blend attractively into even the most sophisticated interior designs. Especially since Novoferm can finish the door leaves in high-quality decor or enhance them with transparent glazing on request – thus adding a very special touch to superior interior design. Many of the models can even be combined with matching transom windows up to ceiling height to create even more transparency and scope for design planning.

Keyword safety:
Two or four safety bolts on the hinge side, optionally with master lock or multiple swing bolt mechanism, three-dimensionally adjustable special hinges, anti-drill profile cylinders – these are just some of the safety features offered by the standard NovoSecur doors. In keeping with their claim as "genuinely multi-functional doors", certain models also comply with smoke and T30 fire protection requirements.

Keyword soundproofing:
Soundproofing is a key issue wherever a husband likes to do his own car repairs in the garage or children like to romp around in the cellar hobby room – in fact, wherever coveted peace and quiet are disrupted by extremely noisy activities. NovoSecur doors can, of course, help. With the right fittings, they can reach soundproofing values of up to 47 dB.
Overall, the NovoSecur range offers much more flexibility for attractive design in (functional) rooms at home. Flexibility in terms of both appearance and functionality: The wide range of designs and features can be perfectly matched, both indoors and out, to the specifications of the respective architecture, and to the utilization of the building. They can even be used in interior design where other doors stumble at the approval hurdles.

An attractive solution for partitioning off living areas

An attractive solution for partitioning off living areas where peace and quiet are required: Novoferm multi-functional doors are, for example, the perfect choice for separating a hobby room and corridor, thanks not least to their good soundproofing values.

(Fotos: Novoferm)

A system of genuinely multi-functional doors

A system of genuinely multi-functional doors featuring a high-quality appearance for use in living areas – offered by the "NovoSecur" and "NovoFire Vario 50" ranges made by Novoferm.

(Photo: Novoferm)

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