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Doors, Industrial Doors and Garage Doors

Novomatic 423 - New technology for improved convenience

News Novomatic 423

Advanced technology belongs in a modern housing. The new Novomatic 423 is trendy and stylish. It is the professional drive system for sectional and up-and-over garage doors. This garage door operator is a particularly good match for Novoferm garage doors, but is also perfect for retrofitting other garage door makes.

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Highlights Bau 2015

Welcome to Novoferm - one of the leading manufacturers of hinged doors, garage doors, frames and operators worldwide.
Here we will provide an overview of the diverse range of products Novoferm offers and introduce you to the highlights we will be presenting at the BAU 2015 trade fair.

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Novoferm acquires Alpha Deuren
Strategic  Acquisition Strengthens Novoferm’s Position in the Euopean Market
Novoferm, one of the bigger European system providers of doors, gates, frames, and drives, takes over the Dutch company Alpha Deuren International BV, one of the renowned sectional-door-producers in Europe – subject to the approval of the Antitrust Authorities. This acquisition strengthens Novoferm’s international position, particularly in the area of industrial doors.
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Quick-acting rolling shutters

Thumb-News Schnelllauftore

NovoSpeed Solutions - Fast logistic solutions

Why choose a Novoferm rapid roll door? - Different situations demand different solutions
Working efficiently means working economically. Novoferm rapid roll doors help you improve your logistic performance. Novoferm offers a customized solution for almost every situation....
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Press commentaries

Novoferm Pressemitteillungen

Novoferm is regular in the trade press and in perodicals. Please find current press commentaries for our different products & services here .... read more


Novoferm - your professional partner for modern and attractive doors, industrial doors and garage doors

Novoferm Group is one of the leading system suppliers of doors, industrial doors, garage doors, frames and operators in Europe. We offer a large range of products and services for private, commercial and industrial applications.


Demands for safety, comfort, functionality and design are generally increasing and apply equally to doors, industrial doors and garage doors.


Manually-operated doors, for example, that offer no comfort and little safety are a thing of the past. The automatic doors offered by Novoferm are an innovative alternative, both for new building projects and for replacing obsolete garage doors.


Unlike garage doors, house doors connect rooms and people. They need to offer a feeling of safety and security and an aesthetic appearance, and to create transitions between different living and work areas. To this end, Novoferm offers private property owners, architects and planning engineers a broadly diverse choice of doors with features such as intrusion protection, smoke and fire resistance, or sound insulation. And they look good, too.

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Online catalogues

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Novoferm Video Channel


Advice & Contact

Advice & Contact


Environmental policy

Environmental policy



TST-certified Novoferm partner for servicing industrial doors

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